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                                  Cavendish Road War Memorial 

On Wednesday 21st August 1940, a lone Dornier 17 bomber from the German Air Force or Luftwaffe dropped its bombs along Cavendish Road killing 6 civilians-3 from Saffron Hill Road and 3 from Cavendish Road. Their ages range from 76 to just 2 years.

There are still people alive who remember the bombing. Their stories are told on the website: www.airraidshelterstories.co.uk.

77 years later, the Aylestone Park Residents’ Group are organising a Weekend of Remembrance to commemorate the dead.

 We have permission to install a War Memorial on the wall outside of the Church of the Nativity on Cavendish Road. It is proposed to be an A4 size stainless steel memorial because it would last longer.

An Exhibition was  held  in the Church Hall of the Church of the Nativity on Saturday 19th August which was very well attended.. There were old German maps and photographs showing the effects of the bombing along with pictures showing the scene today.

A Service of Dedication was held on Sunday 20th August at the Church of the Nativity. The Memorial was  “Blessed” and the dead will be remembered. 

They shall not be forgotten  

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, please e-mail cegarner@btinternet.com or 

telephone/text Christopher Garner on 07514416698.

                            Click the pdf  to see the Plaque design