Dismantling gas holders No. 5 and No. 7

The gasholders will be cut into steel sections and removed from the site using road transport. Material will be exported to recycling facilities wherever possible.

Gasholder No. 7 is the closest gasholder to Aylestone Road and will be dismantled first. Gasholder No. 5 is located on the south side of the River Soar. As a river forms a barrier between the two gasholders, a temporary 

bridge will be used during 10 days of the project. This will enable us to remove materials from the southern gasholder with limited evening closures of the navigable River Soar.Both gasholder No. 5 and gasholder No. 7 are above ground spiral-guided gasholders, the most common type of gasholder found in the UK. The telescopic walls were moved up and down using wheels on runners. Gas entered through the base and the pressure pushed up the chambers one by one. Water helped keep gas in and air out, preventing ignition.

The dismantling process:

Holder fenced off for safety

Remove water from gasholder

Remove sludge from the base of the holder

Remove holder “lifts” and outer tank shell

Remove holder base

Dismantling of a gasholder using the                Dismantling of gas holder lifts

 hot cutting method