The Story so Far

Across the UK, National Grid has been carrying out a programme of remediation and demolition for the last 15 years, helping bring unused land back into use for local communities. 

The Aylestone Road Gasholders are redundant and no longer store gas. The gasholders have been decommissioned and disconnected from the local gas network. In 2015, National Grid submitted an application to dismantle the gasholders, which was approved by the local authority in September 2015. In late 2015 and early 2016, National Grid undertook studies and surveys to better understand the site and make preparations for the safe dismantling of the gasholders. National Grid will ensure the work does not affect the 

Aylestone Meadows Local Nature Reserve.We are now working to safely and efficiently dismantle the two remaining gasholders at the site. 

 Aerial view of Aylestone Road works from the south-west, circa 1931.

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